How Do I Send Different Confirmation Emails For Different Products?

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Is there a SIMPLE way (not involding coding) to set up a different order confirmation email for each product? My products are all different and require different information to go out to customers (like event addresses, instructions on how to log in to access their content, etc.). I tried Klaviyo, but it no longer offers a Shopify email template customization option that attaches specifically to a product. I started trying to edit the code, but aside from having no coding knowledge or experience, I have dozens of products, and it would get unqieldy to create a plethora of true/false statements for each product. And then have to edit them when something like an event address changes. Help? 🙂

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Did you recieve any help from shopify? If not, how did you manage to come out successful?

Would be great if you could share insights as we are in the same situation right now...