How do I set up shipping for multiple box sizes

How do I set up shipping for multiple box sizes

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I have a client who has a Shopify site they have not updated in many years, I am building them a new one, and one of the main things they need to fix is their shipping calculation. Many of their products are standard but some are custom wood working products and may need a slightly larger of smaller box.

They have shipping profiles at least set up for their standard products in their back end, but they claim that Shopify limits them to one size of box for all products and that causes the shipping calculation to be completely wrong a lot of the time.

Not sure if this has anything to do with it but they are on a very old Shopify plan from like 2018-2019 because they got it long ago when it was cheaper.

I need to set things up so products across the store of various weights and sizes can have their own boxes and the shipping calculated accurately.

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Hey Dax,


They can set their 'preferred packages' so that they have more accurate shipping prices when fulfilling orders in the backend ( ... but that won't do anything to change the prices that the customer see/pays when they're at checkout. 


If they're looking for more control over their shipping rates and packages, on a product by product basis, then the best option would be using a shipping app (like this one: which would let them set LxWxH parameters for each product). 


Alternatively, you could just create a bunch of different 'shipping profiles' ( for each different set of products (using the same boxes), where you'd manually set shipping rates that are more in line with what they'd like to be charging. 


Hope the above recommendations help! 🙂




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