How do you set the Google Product Category for a Shopify Product without being an idiot?

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Using the Google & YouTube App's Manage Product Button is not viable. I have to be able to set the Google Product Category while editing the product, and not leaving the product page to go someplace else completely.


I can't believe any idiot would think that is a workable solution.


Which of the following statements is true?


Some say the Google Product Category is set in the Product Page under Product Organization in the Field Product Category. That the Google & YouTube App only uses that and nothing else. 


Others say that Field Product Category is not used by the Google & YouTube App. Only the metafield "mm-google-shopping.google_product_category" is used and nothing else.


Still others say that when you update the Field Product Category, it will also update the metafield "mm-google-shopping.google_product_category" so the two match always.

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I understand your frustration, Google constantly moves things around, for some weird reason, but not really a good reason from the perspective of the user.


This happens with all Google products, from Google Ads to Google Merchant Center, and it's a pain to keep up.


Editing products is now located by going to the app > and on the homepage of the app, you will see manage products. You can edit the categories here.


As to the metafields, I don't know which one is used. As I use I can select which ever metafield I need.


Although I don't use the default values, as the app is pretty good at auto tagging the categories. 

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Not what I was looking for. I was hoping for something better, and clarification for the default built in fields.