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How many Tags can you have?

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might seem like a weird question but is there a limit to how many tags you can have for a custom product option?

at the moment we have about 90 so far (as you can see below)

problem 2.jpg


Every time i go to add a new tag one of the older tags disappears and I lose all the swatches

as you can see when i set this up 3 days ago i put the tag "Dollyfabrics" in the right place and it was working

problem 23.jpg

now the swatches don't come up

problem 243.jpg

there was a little bar on there that said "choose fabric" but now its disappeared..


I went through all 90 custom product options and I can't find the "Dollyfabrics" but i 100% uploaded them.

The only thing i can guess is that there is a limit to how many custom product options you can have.? 

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You can apply up to 250 tags to each product. Are you using an app for the product options as there is a limit of 3 options and 100 variants per product?



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