How to 301 a page that exists / is not a 404

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We sell a food product that comes in multiple flavours. The customer facing side of this is a product page that lists all the product variants where a customer chooses the flavours they want.


Due to certain integrations (e.g. Klaviyo, Facebook) we need to have these flavour variants exist as actual standalone products too. Shopify ends up creating a page for each of these standalone flavours when we don't want them, and never want a customer being able to view them.


On woocommerce we just 301'd these to the flavour-list page with the variants, but Shopify won't let us 301 a page that exists. We found this possible workaround ->     


Is there a better, more manageable, way of doing this, or is that link our best bet? Thanks.

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That is nothing to do with my query.

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The javascript method will give you a redirect, but not a 301.  For 301's, you can manage your NS records through a third-party like Cloudflare and set up redirects at the DNS level.  

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