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How to access the admin API from a Checkout UI Extension without an additional server in between

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Hello, I need some help with getting access to the Admin API from my Checkout UI Extension I am getting the same error message as a previous user who asked this question but never received a proper answer.


I need to access the Admin API from the Checkout UI extension so I can edit the price of the items in the cart. I know there's virtually no way to do this with the Storefront API which is what I do have access to through the Checkout UI Extension. 


I find it strange that it is so difficult to access the Admin API from the Checkout UI Extension because in the package for @Shopify/ui-extension-react it states "All extensions, regardless of where they appear in Shopify, make use the same  underlying technology, and most of the same “core” components (e.g., BlockStackButtonTextField, etc) and capabilities (e.g., direct API access, session tokens)". This is strange because in the last portion there it states that the capabilities should extend to direct API access which is ambiguous and leads me to believe that I should be able to access the Admin API.


Would anyone be able to help? Thanks!

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