How to add a Hero module on Collection pages

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Hey guys,


I want to add little module style snippets in the middle of products on a collection page; similar to Farfetch and Harrods.

I have attached a screenshot of what I mean; I know how to code in Ruby and the Shopify liquid files just need help on finding out where to go and what to add to make this happen (for mobile and desktop)


Thanks in advance for the help!


This is kinda how I want it to look...

Screenshot (602).png


Blwo is examples from Farfetch and Harrods, who have these sorts of modules mid-collection page


Screenshot (601).pngScreenshot (600).png



My Shopify theme is Impulse and the filter app I used is "Product Filter & Search" by Boost Commerce.

Store name: Linvelles


Hi @FawaazAbbas

Please go to sections > collection-template.liquid file and add code:

{%- if forloop.index == number -%}

// show content

{%- endif -%}

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Hey @LitExtension,


This solution didn't really do anything; here is a screenshot of what I did.

I assumed that "// show content" means to place in stuff; but without or without, nothing came up.


Please help!


Kind Regards,

Fawaaz Abbas

Fawaaz AbbasScreenshot (606).png