How to add a social media icons which are not included?

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Hi, I'm having an issue adding Google reviews and Yelp to my Shopify footage. I'm using the updated Eurus theme right now. They're not included in the social media section. I talked to the online chat agent and they told me it would eventually require editing some liquid and coding stuff, which is out of my comfort zone. I would appreciate it if anyone could step me through the process. 


Besides adding social media icons, I'm also wondering if I could adjust the size of icons under the Eurus theme. The current icons are relatively small. 



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If social media icons aren't included in the theme, it might be a bit challenging to add them. Coding this could take hours. I'm not sure if anyone would do this for free here. You can still research this yourself.


If you'd like, we can do this as part of our affordable Shopify premium support monthly service, and customize your website as you desire, like the example below. Social media icons can be added to either the sidebar or the footer area.


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