How to add content to the collection sidebar V2.0 Impulse 5.1.0 (dawn) theme

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Im trying to add back in the filter by tag functionality into the collection sidebar but there doesnt seem to be anyway to add a new block to the sidebar on the new 2.0 version. Ive made the code but had to put it at the end of the collection-sidebar-filters.liquid code for it to appear in the sidebar. It would be much better if I could do it as a stand alone block as I want to make it more dynamic and it just seems better practice.

Also, currently Ive had to hard code in the tag names to my code which again isnt ideal. I need these to appear as editable options on the customise theme section so that non coding people in our business can change them if nescessary. I can do this part if I can find how to add the block to the sidebar.






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