How to add % Discount badge to Dawn 2.0 v8.0.0

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I am trying to find a way around displaying the % discount on the "product images" on the Collection pages as well as the product pages. Essentially, anywhere where the product images are shown.


At this point, there aren't any apps designed for Store 2.0 themes or they are Paid apps and expensive to use.


Can anyone help suggest a free app or perhaps add a snippet code to the theme?



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Hi @mooritexxx 

We checked your needs and would like to suggest you use Product Labels & Badges app. This app provides you with a pre-designed library with various categories: sales, BFCM, discounts, Christmas, New Year, and more. Also, you can create custom labels & badges to fit your needs.

We hope that you find it useful.


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Thank you this works but I was hoping to do this directly by changing the theme code.

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Manually crafting badges can prove to be a time-consuming and error-prone task, particularly when dealing with source code. It entails locating the relevant section within your code or settings where individual product information and badges are showcased. Within the product display area, integration of HTML code for the '% discount' badge is necessary, accompanied by customization of the HTML to align with your website's aesthetics. Optionally, CSS can be applied to enhance the badge's visual appeal.

For those with dynamic websites, streamlining the process of designating for a “% discount” based on specific criteria is desirable. Fortunately, there are reliable Shopify plugins available to automate this entire procedure. You may consider CartUp AI badging app, which not only automates the process but also introduces AI-driven dynamic badging capabilities, enabling real-time badging with personalized features.