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How to add filter by tag into collection sidebar V2.0

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It seems Shopify have got rid of the filter by tag function in the new theme. This is really annoying as our site is all setup to use it and the new filtering options are pretty useless for how our products are setup.

I need to add this functionality back into the new version and trying to find any guides on the best way to do this.

Ive tried copying the various sections and snippets from our old version of our theme to the new version of the theme but this doesnt seem to work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a comprehensive guide on how to add the filter by tags back into the collection sidebar either as it was or vai an app.

We do not want to pay for an app to do this as its crazy they have removed this functionaily and seems shocking we would have to pay extra to have what we already had.

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welcome to shopify community.

Sorry for facing issue. Dawn theme provide filter. Go to online store -> Navigation there is section filter you can add tag. I attached image.
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Thanks, but that only allows the filtering of:

- Availability

- Price

- Product type

- Vendor

- Variant options

I need to filter by tag as none of these will work properly for us, our products can have many tags such as recomended age, colour, size, what surface they are suitable for, which type of person they are suitable for etc.

Most of our products have several of each of these tags and it would be unacheivable to get the same filters by using product type or any of the other provided filters.

We just need it to work as it used to, its so frustrating that theyve changed this as we were told this is the way to do it when we set our stores up and now theyre making it almost unworkable and creating lots more work for us just to acheive something theyd already done.


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hello have you fixed this problem?

i need to add that tag filter and im facing the same problem

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I did rewrite the filtering myself to get it to work but there was still
a small issue which I cant  remember what it was now.

In the end we decided not to upgrade our theme and just stick to the one
we had as none of the upgraded features seemed any good anyway, just
seemed like adding lots of work for absolutely no gain.

Really disappointed in Shopify to be honest, it just seems to make
everything hard work when it should be making things easier.