How to add "Full Details" button to Featured Product on Homepage in DEBUT theme?

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Hi! I am using the Debut theme and have added a Featured Product on my Homepage. It currently shows the entire product description under "Buy It Now", but I am looking to add a "Full Details" button instead of the description that will take the user to the product page and read the description there.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Noshkit,


My name is Joe Everett, I am a Shopify Partner, if you give me your store url I can send you a request to access your store and add the button for you.



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I need help with the same. I need to remove the full description and add the "Full Details" button on my homepage.

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Hi Joe, I also need assistance with the same as the previous person. Adding a "see full deatils" button under my product on my shop home page.


Could you perhaps assist me in this ?