How to add section "image with text overlay" to Minimal

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Hello Community!

I'd like to add the section "image with text overlay" to my Minimal Theme landing page.

Can someone guide me through this process? Not a css expert, but I should be able to manage.


Thanks for the help! 

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Shopify Partner
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One way to do this is to go to your Shopify Dashboard, click on Themes on the left side, and on that page under the current theme click Customize. Inside Customizer, on the left side, you can add a new section to the homepage. 

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Thanks for the quick reply LMP!

I am aware of the customising options, but (as you) know not every 'section option' is available in every theme.

I really like the 'Minimal Theme', but the section 'image with text overlay' is not active.

Is there a way around it?


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Can you tell me if you offer a paid service, or do you work for Shopify to help customers with their design?

Assistance with some minor design issues would be welcome.


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Hi, did you ever figure this out?

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Hello, have you already accomplish this?
this is also what I want to do now.

how did you do it?