How to add svg/ trust badges below the add to cart button?

How to add svg/ trust badges below the add to cart button?

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HI there,

I would like to add the payment methods as trust badges below the add to cart button on the product page.

I am using currently a 3rd party app, since I had no idea how to do it (maybe with a meta field?!).

However I would like to avoid using an app, even if its for free.

With the app it looks like this (just b/w coz its free version):



But I would like that it looks like below example (each image is one svg)



I guess first I need to upload each svg to my files right.

And then...?

YouTube shows me a lot regarding meta fields but all just related to text or colabs menus.


A work around could be to add all payment methods into one image and add then an image below the add to cart button. This is in my theme editor possible. But I guess not the right way.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @DaveD 


Justin here. Since you want to add trust badges, there are a bunch of free options available on the app store for that.


You should give them a shot. But if you want to set this up without an app, then you could refer to the MDN documentation for embedding images. It should be straightforward, but you have to have the images uploaded to your Shopify folder first.


Hope this helps. Cheers!

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Hi @DaveD you can add it by the shopify custom code . like how can we upload a image so like that you can add an svg icon to below the buy it now button or add to cart button.


Let me know if this is helpful or not.


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Hi Dave,


I know this might not be exactly what you are looking for, but my app enables you to add bullet points to your product page. Many of our customers use this to create trust badges and to communicate their payment providers. We have icons of many payment providers included.


There is a free plan available and on the Sapling Surge plan you can upload any icons (including SVGs) that you want.

We exclusively have 5-star reviews.


Have a look here: Bloom: Product Feature Bullets


Felix ✌️

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