Re: How to add TikTok link & icon in footer [Venture theme]

How to add TikTok link & icon in footer [Venture theme]

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I tried to add my TikTok account to the footer of my Shopify site (Venture theme), but TikTok is not one of the platforms listed in Theme Settings/Social Media. (See screenshot for the 8 platforms that are available.) I'd be happy to replace Tumblr or Snapchat, since I don't plan on using either of them.


Is there an easy way to add the icon & link for TikTok to my "follow us" section, and make sure the hover text says TikTok?




My site: 

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Hi @Jen-X,

Please go to sections > footer.liquid file, in line 13 add code:



                    <a href="" title="{{ 'layout.footer.social_platform' | t: name:, platform: 'TikTok' }}">
                      <svg aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" role="presentation" class="icon icon-tiktok" width="16" height="18" fill="none" xmlns="">
                        <path d="M8.02 0H11s-.17 3.82 4.13 4.1v2.95s-2.3.14-4.13-1.26l.03 6.1a5.52 5.52 0 11-5.51-5.52h.77V9.4a2.5 2.5 0 101.76 2.4L8.02 0z" fill="currentColor">
                      <span class="icon__fallback-text">TikTok</span>

Hope it helps!

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hola buen dia
Gracias por esta solución.
Sólo tengo una consulta, en que parte del código tengo que agregar el enlace de mi TIK TOK para que haga la vinculación?

Quedo atento a la respuesta.
muchas gracias

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your tiktok URL will be placed inside the quotes of 

<a href=""

 (on the second line of code that is inserted) 

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Thank you very much, it worked indeed.


Nonetheless, it doesn't look perfect. When I try to increase the width and height, nothing happens. And do you know how to move it a little bit to the right and down?


An unrelated question: Any idea how to open the links in a new tab?




Best regards,