How to call a specific collection in liquid

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I've been trying to figure out how to get the "collections list" page to show all the products for each collection listed instead of the "view all" buttons that are current there (Canopy Theme). The theme developers said that it's not possible yet in the theme, so I thought I would create a page that calls each of the collections I want, but I can't find the code in liquid to display the collections. I feel like it must exist somewhere? 


Essentially the page is going to be:


Collection A

<code to call collection A>


Collection B

<code to call collection B>


Any help is greatly appreciated. I've scoured the liquid pages and haven't been able to find this yet!


Thank you

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Hello @kbarlowdesign 

It is possible to show products under the collection on collection list page but it will need a tweaks and turns in code.
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I'm happy to work through code, but I wondered if there was a more simple solution to calling a collection in liquid?