Re: How to change agent avatar in Shopify Inbox?

How to change agent avatar in Shopify Inbox?

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Shopify Inbox uses a default avatar for agents responses in the chat window (shown below). How do we customize this avatar?


Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 10.11.57 AM.png

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Yes, how???

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after some experimentation, its the user account avatar that overrides whatever default its applying.

We tried adding a store avatar in settings and clicking on the icon box next to store name and editing that but it did not impact inbox.


We then tried managing the user account, it was mine which is the admin across several sites, but it updated the image across all the inbox accounts to that avatar. I'm not sure if you have multiple users if their own avatars will appear, or if this is even managed by the inbox app if they are using it, but its definitely user based not store based.