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How to change free shipping calculation from subtotal to total?

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I have a problem: I offer -15% discount for newsletter subscribers and my free shipping trigger is set to 100€. So this is the problem:


customer adds products valued 100€ or more to the cart -> Subtotal is 100€

free shipping trigger is activated

customer adds -15% discount, total drops to 85€

but since the subtotal is 100€, customer gets free shipping....


Why on earth I cannot choose which price the trigger gets it's info from; total or subtotal? I don't want to give BOTH discounts (-15% and free shipping). I would accept free shipping with that -15% discount code if the FINAL TOTAL what customer is paying goes 100€ or more.... IE. Even if customer uses discount(s), the free delivery limit should be 100€.


Any  ideas to fix this before I loose money?




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Hi actually, the exact opposite is happening to us and we want the functionality that you have, how did you get the shipping to work on subtotal and not on the total?

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Any update on this ticket please?