how to change number of orders per page in shopify admin?

how to change number of orders per page in shopify admin?

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I am wondering that how to change the number of records per page on order listing page? 


I have searched the forum also tried to google it but i cannot found any solution.


On the order listing page right now I usually apply different filters (eg: show only unfulfilled orders) and when the orders are more then 50, i have to go to the next page and apply actions over again, so is there is ANY possible way where i can change these from 50 to 100 or max 250 per page?


Please describe if this can be done by editing the admin template files? I assume we can modify the admin theme template files?

Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to your kind feedback.


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Hi did you find a solution for this? I need to run flow on all my orders but doing it on 50 orders per view is quite hard.

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Hello dear sir!


I wanted to do the same thing once and ended up checking up the Order API in Shopify's documentation to find an answer. It turns out you can actually use any of the parameters if you want, it works exactly like a query.


You can have up to 250 orders in a page and it can be achieved by adding '&limit=250' at the end of your link (the '&' is only to be added if you're using other filters too, check examples below), for example: 




Have an awesome day!