How to change store logo automatically in Dawn theme?

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I'm using Dawn theme. Wondering if there is a way to have the store logo change automatically? Either on refresh of periodically.


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I don't know enough to make this happen. I can add code to my theme but
would need to know what code, where to put it, and where to store the
different logos.

Can you help with this?

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Yes, in the Dawn theme on Shopify, you can set up your store logo to change automatically either on page refresh or at regular intervals using JavaScript and Liquid. You'll need to:


1. Host multiple logo images in your Shopify files or externally.
2. Use JavaScript to randomly select a logo from these images each time the page loads or at set intervals.
3. Edit your theme's Liquid files to include this JavaScript and to ensure the logo element is correctly targeted for changes.


This will require custom coding and familiarity with JavaScript and Shopify's Liquid templates.

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