How to change the font on all buttons (Boost theme)

How to change the font on all buttons (Boost theme)

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hello -


How can I change the font that is displayed on all buttons across the entire site?  We use the Boost theme. There does not seem to be a setting in the Theme settings | Typorgraphy or elsewhere specifically to set the font used by buttons.  How might I achieve this with CSS? Many thanks for your help!



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Hi @pete96 

Please follow these steps to change the font on all buttons across the website:

1. Go to Admin>Online Store
2. On the Boost theme click: Actions>Edit code
3. Copy and paste this code in the styles.css file in the Assets folder

a.btn {
font-family: '';
button.btn {
font-family: '';

Type in the font name between the two quotation marks: ''. So for example:

font-family: 'Montserrat'

Keep in mind, you will need to have the font added to the theme to use it. Let me know if you need any help with this also. 

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