How to check sales by hour?

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I have found how to bring up analytics of sales by hour but it shows each hour of every day rather than all sales made from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm regardless of date. seems that shopify also groups hour with the date so it is very difficult to extract the data I'm looking for.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I exported my Orders, and then viewed it on Google Sheets. I added these two formulas:

# The day of the week, as a number from 1-7
=WEEKDAY(DATEVALUE(left(D2, len(D2)-5)))
#With lookup table to translate numbers to Mon, Tues, etc.
=vlookup(WEEKDAY(DATEVALUE(left(D2, len(D2)-5))),$C$130:$D$136, 2, True)

# The hour of the day

This is what the spreadsheet looks like: 


You can then take that and make a pivot table, using those two columns for columns + rows, and the data as sum or average of the sales data:



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Thanks! This is exactly what we're looking for but could use a little more clarification on the formulas.