How to create a second, alternative, contact form? Can not duplicate

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I did a search and found an incomplete answer to this. I want to make a second version of the contact form and apply it to a different page other than the contact form. I want there to be 2 separate contact forms, each with different form and information requests. 

Currently I don't see a way to duplicate the original and make edits, then apply the template to a different page.

Is there something I'm missing?


Thank you.

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I'm not 100% if this will work on your theme (I use Supply and it works for me), but it will get you started at least.

  1. Log in to Shopify Admin.
  2. Under Sales Channels, click Online Store.
  3. Click on Actions > Edit Code
  4. Create a new template and title it something like "page.contactalt.liquid". This will be your second version of the contact page.
  5. Copy the code from your and paste it into your new page.contactalt.liquid (or whatever you named it).
  6. After pasting the code, delete the part of the code where the form inputs are. In my case, the inputs are surrounded by a <div id="contactFormWrapper">. It may be different for you.
  7. Replace the part you just deleted with your custom form inputs.
  8. Save the liquid page.
  9. Under Online Store, click Pages.
  10. Click Add Page.
  11. Under Theme template, select contactalt (or whatever you named your new form as).
  12. Save the page.
  13. Test the form to see if it works.

There is more information on the "form" object here: 

This might also help you with building your custom form by creating fields: 

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Thank you, you got me most of the way there but I encountered another issue where all the fields are not populating in the email. I made a separate thread for this: