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How to customise customer registration form to add a field for 'contact number'

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I need to collect customer phone number while a customer creates an new account.It is required to connect with customer to communicate about thier orders in some cases.Shopify by default doen't seems allowing this option.It would be helpfull someone guide me through the steps or process by which i can add an column to add 'contact number' in customer registration form.I was able to figure out code section of registration form.So an appropriate could will also helps!


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Hey @Intlet,

The easiest way to add custom fields to your registration form would be using an app such as Helium Customer Fields. The Customer Fields app allows you to create fully customized registration forms, including fields such as phone number, gender, birthday, and more! Our forms also give customers the ability to edit or update their own account information directly from the customer account page, and other features such as requiring email verification or manual account approval.

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Its an paid app right, there is nothing more for us to customize exept the contact number so an paid app just for that doesn't seems good fit. Anyway i look into it if there's no way else doing, Appreciate your response.