How to display different delivery options for a product based on the variant?

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Hello community!


I use Shopify (Sense theme) for a small sneaker selling business. On each product page, I want to display some stock & delivery options like this:

  • for size 37.5 EU -> I want to display: Available - Delivery in 24h.
  • for size 38 EU -> I want to display: Available on pre-order. Delivery in 2-7 days.


If you select size 37.5, payment can be done by credit card or cash on delivery. If you select size 38, payment can be done only by credit card, somehow a condition for that variant in order to enable payment only by cc.


My questions are:

  • this feature can be achieved using a plugin or it's a feature that is already built in some Shopify Themes?
  • should I do some configurations or theme modifications in my actual theme in order to have this feature?

Thank you very much,



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If you want to show the same messages for all 37.5 and 38 sizes, it can be done easily using a JavaScript. Otherwise, if there are more variations, you can save the stock and delivery information for each variant in metafields, load the metafield on the product page, and use JavaScript to display the matching variant information.

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Hi @CristianT,

To display distinct messages based on selected Shopify variants, you can consider using the Advanced Conditional Logic feature offered by the Easify Product Options app.

Here's a quick demo 🤗:




Simple app settings:



As for addressing your specific requirement regarding payment methods associated with each size, it might be necessary to explore integration with another app or seek guidance from Shopify Staff for a tailored solution.

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