How to do Digital Asset Links Verification?

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I have generated a PWA of my Shopify site. Now, I want to upload it on the Google Play Store, so I used PWABuilder to create my app package. I have successfully completed all the steps and generated the store package.

Now, As suggested here to work PWA in the full-screen mode (without Chrome address bar) I have to upload the assetlinks.json file on the server at location.

  1. Deploy assetlinks.json.
    Your zip file contains assetlinks.json. This is a digital asset links file that proves ownership of your PWA. Upload this file to your server at (Replace with your PWA's URL.)

💁‍♂️ Heads up:
Digital asset links are required for your PWA on Android. If you're seeing a browser address bar in your app on Android, or if your app is crashing on launch, it means your assetlinks.json file is missing, inaccessible, or incorrect. See our asset links helper to fix this.

But there is no way on Shopify to upload any file at a specific location. We can upload files but the uploaded files on Shopify store and serve on CDN, there is no way to upload any file on the root.

So, how I can do Digital Asset Link Verification on Shopify?

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I have the same problem! Can anybody help us?