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How to edit .liquid for an automatically-created vendor collection?

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I have some products for sale on my Shopify site that I don't want to display a price for. Rather, for those products I just have a "contact us" field where "add to cart" would usually be, and the customer would then email my company for a direct quote.


I have already figured out how to not display a price on individual products via liquid, and to remove the item price from collections I have custom-created.


However, when I click any vendor name (e.g. on a product page or in a custom collection), the site takes me to a collection that's just all of that vendor's products, with the vendor name at the top of the page. I want to keep this feature because it will be useful, but for certain vendors I don't want to display the item price on this vendor collection page, just like with some of my own custom collections. How do I edit a .liquid file for vendor collections or add custom CSS? I cannot find this anywhere in the admin interface.


Thanks for any help!

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...collections/vendors?q= is a query endpoint 

To output styles for logic based on a collections vendor ,see the current_vendor property on the collection object 


For creating/customizing navigation use the link_to_vendor filter, or search through the theme for that filter if customizing 


For trying to control vendors as a group of collections i.e. /collections/brands etc , a starting point is repurposing the old vintage theme customization for collection subsets 

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