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How to edit order confirmation compare at price for items on sale.

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When I set a product on sale (setting the price lower than the compare at price) and a customer purchases it, the order confirmation is not showing the customer the original price (compare at) vs the sale price (price). It makes it appear the order confirmation is showing the product as not on sale and they didn't get an offer . 


However, with discount codes this is achieved no problem in the order confirmation email .

I want to edit the email order confirmation notification to show the line items original price and sale price for when products are purchased that are on sale . 


At the moment its only showing the sale price without any indication they got the product on sale . 

Any help appreciated . 




above image from the preview of order confirmation, two products, one is actually on sale (Test Product 1) and the other was purchased with a discount code (Test Product 2)


Test Products 1 Compare at price. It is actually on sale on the website, but appears as a product not on sale in the order confirmation. 

From line 232 in Settings > Notifications > Order Confirmation



          <td class="order-list__price-cell">
            {% if line.original_line_price != line.final_line_price %}
              <del class="order-list__item-original-price">{{ line.original_line_price | money }}</del>
            {% endif %}
            <p class="order-list__item-price">
              {% if line.final_line_price > 0 %}
                {{ line.final_line_price | money }}
              {% else %}
              {% endif %}




What could I add here as an if statement where a product is on sale, it shows the original price vs sale price? I can't seem to find anywhere to how to call for the compare at price for a product in an email notification. 

Many Thanks again.

Mr Grif
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