How to edit the Ready for pickup notification

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hi I am trying to edit the Ready for pickup notification 

I was able to edit other notification but am struggling with this one


I need to replace this text 

Bring your confirmation email when you come to collect your order1.png.

with my text


Also I need to change address that is in their example


Can anyone help ?

thank you in advance 

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Hi @Signs ,

1. For text editing: Go to Settings, select Notification, then find Ready for pickup in the Local pickup section, and select Edit code, the text to be changed will be on the 2nd line in the code file.


view - 2023-10-31T172832.169.png

2. For the location and address section, this information will change based on the information provided so it will automatically update when the actual order is placed.


Hope it helps @Signs !

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