How to efficiently bulk edit missing SKUs in our product inventory?

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So we have created a bunch of products in our Shopify but there's two things: bulk editing in inventory to fix products with missing SKUs is clearly possible but seems complicated (tens of pages to go through), there's no filter helping. Any advice, points in the right direction to tools/apps/articles, would be really appreciated. Alternately, anyone who is willing to help (whether for nothing because it's really not a big deal, or for a small fee) it would be really appreciated to hear from you. Thank you in advance !









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I know about the "bulk edit" button that takes you to a spreadsheet-like interface, but is there some way to select all individual product items from all pages at once, and then proceed to this ? TY in adv for any help

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You can export all your products as an excel file then you can apply filter there and customize your product detail easily.


Moreover I can help you with product listing if you need any help simply mail me or whatsapp me whichever is fine with you.

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Check out the Matrixify app for Shopify. It allows you to export your products to Excel, add SKUs where needed, and import it back to update the product listings. I’m about to start a project doing exactly that for a few thousand products and am SO HAPPY that I found out about Matrixify.

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Hi @liftedlearn ! 

Thank you @SoCalMacGuy  for the mention and great to hear you have been enjoying using the Matrixify app! @liftedlearn , it is possible to achieve what you are trying to do with Matrixify and it really would be as simple as Exporting, adding the SKUs and Importing back. We also offer a great tutorial for updating Product SKUs as well. 


For more details or if you require any help at all, please reach out to us at our support, we would be more than happy to help!