How to filter search by customer tag / item tag?

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Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could help me with filtering searches. Essentially I want to set up the rules like this:

  1. If the customer tags contain "Wholesale", hide all items not tagged as "Wholesale" from search.
  2. If the customer tags do not contain "Wholesale", hide all items tagged as "Wholesale" from search.

I've tried most solutions I could find online but, but no matter what I've tried it just plain doesn't function. Normal customers can still see items tagged as "Wholesale" in search, and customers tagged as "Wholesale" can still see normal items in search.

As a band-aid, I have set the seo.hidden metafield to 1 on all wholesale items and removed the search bar, but this doesn't make for a very good user experience.

I used this page as a general guide to help me set up my wholesale portal: but the solutions posed do not work. 

I am using the Supply theme. I unfortunately can't share the website to show you.

Can anyone offer a solution? I would really appreciate it.

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Hi @threed 


You can use the Merchandising rule in AI Search & Product Filter  to hide products based on customer tags.  It can hide products tagged as "Wholesale" from customers with no tags or other tags.

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