How to find the promised $5000 rebate on my new store?

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When I first setup my store, Shopify promised that we would receive $5000 in free rebates for the first 6 months on their platform. This was a primary incentive for using the platform, but since we have created our account, I can't seem to access the rebates.


Are they automatically applied on discounts? Where do I access them?

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I'm not sure on the rebate you're talking about with seeing more details on the offer, but perhaps this is one related to Shopify Payments.
Does this page feel like it covers the topic. If not, best reach out to support.

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Just got this advertisement. Here are the terms. The Shopify Payments tab will account for rebates during the rebate period of 6 months.




  • The Rebate is deposited into your Shopify Balance account on a monthly basis. The Rebate payment may take up to ten (10) days from the end of your monthly period to be applied to your Shopify Balance account.