How to fix a coding issue causing a white box on my website?

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Hello everyone,  I have another strange one that I cant seem to find a fix for.  My website has a white box above the announcement bar that I cant seem to get rid of.  I have opened developer tools and found that if I delete the line (highlighted below) "​" it disappears and doesn't seem to change anything else.  Which is what I want.  The problem is I cant find it or what relates to it in my theme.liquid or theme.css.  Can anyone shed some light on it?  I've even asked chatGPT and it helped a little bit.  I did manage to reduce the size of the white box but that changed the font on the website which wasn't what I wanted. 


Help my out anyone?




Website white line developer tool.jpg



Deleted line.jpg

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I am having the same problem. Did you find anything that worked?