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How to fix cart issue in IOS mobile view for e-commerce site?

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Hello , 

i need some assistance if any one can help - Recently my company had launched our E-commerce business on Shopify ( this is our website : ) it has been great step towards building our e-commerce , though we are facing an issue in the IOS mobile view as attached items in the cart specially small pics and no options to edit the cart  - have any one else had the same issue ? and if so can you help me please to understand what needs to be fixed ? knowing the we do not have the same issue on Android 

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Hey there, I can't say I'm seeing that exact issue on my end, as I'm on an IphoneX  (also tested on a android S8) and saw my cart items with the quantity, price etc and a "remove button".

I'm taking a wild guess and maybe you have an "older version of the site", try to clear cache on your mobile phone and see you see any difference...