How to fix payload parameters error in Shopify API with Python?

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Hi I am techy savy, but not very code intelligent person. I have used CHATGPT to help me create a python code that archives/drafts products when I enter the sku. It seems like I have gotten almost everything to work, my code even finds the correct item id. But there seems to be an issue with the payload I cannot get past. I continuously get this error in the terminal: 


Payload being sent: {'product': {'id': 8047613051133, 'status': 'draft'}}
Failed to set product with SKU: 100075 to draft. Error: {"errors":{"product":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}


Can anyone help? I assume its something to do with the phrasing of 'product', 'status', or 'draft' but as I said I am not extremely fluent with python so I would not know. Thank you.

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