How to generate discount code for third time purchase customer

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I wanted to generate a discount code for the customers who will purchase third time on my store is there any way to do it please help  

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In Shopify, you can create a discount code specifically for customers who make their third purchase.


Follow these steps:


1. Login to your Shopify Admin:
Go to your Shopify admin dashboard.

2. Navigate to Discounts:
In the left-hand sidebar, click on "Discounts."

3. Create a New Discount:
Click on the "Create discount" button.

4. Choose Discount Type:
Under "Discount type," select the type of discount you want to offer (e.g., Percentage, Fixed Amount).

5. Set Discount Details:
Provide a name for your discount, set the value (percentage or fixed amount), and configure any other necessary details.

6. Set Usage Limits:
Scroll down to the "Usage limits" section. Under "Limit to," select "Limit number of times this discount can be used" and set the limit to 2.

7. Set Customer Eligibility:
In the "Customer eligibility" section, you can set conditions. Choose "Third order" under "Customer buys," and set the condition to "equal to" and "3."

8. Save the Discount:
Once you've configured all the details, click the "Save" button to create the discount.


Now, customers who make their third purchase and meet the specified conditions will be eligible for the discount. You can then share the discount code with them, and it will automatically apply during the checkout process.


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