How to implement 'Hover over' short text descriptions ?

How to implement 'Hover over' short text descriptions ?

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Theme - editions.


I am looking for a feature (app?) that will enable a website visitor to hover their cursor over a product image or some underlined text and have a brief description appear.  I use editions theme.  Is this something available in other themes or is there an app that does it etc?





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Not sure about all the themes or apps, there are so many. What you are looking for could be called a 'modal' that displays when a certain interaction, like a hover state is performed. But do note that hover states are not mobile usable so people tend to not implement them anymore and thus developers won't add them in an app or theme for this reason.

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Hi Paul,
For the hover feature on product images or text, you might consider Shopify apps like "Magic Tooltips For Images" or "Cool Image Magnifier". These apps offer functionalities for displaying information on hover. However, for a more tailored solution that fits exactly with your Editions theme, developing a custom app could be the best option. A custom app would allow specific customization to match your theme's design and user experience requirements.

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Hi @HerbalDimension 


Can you refer any example then we can develop that feature in your theme.

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