How to import Products using CSV with metafields

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Hi bros, I am working with PHP to generate a csv file used to import products to Shopify. However, I need some extra meta data for each product, how can I attach metafields in CSV file? Thank all.

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You can't. Custom metafields are not supported via the product CSV import option in the Admin.

If you're already using PHP to create the csv, why not just push the product directly in via the API. You can then include the metafields in that call.

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This is so sad, i created a bunch of metafields to create a good interface to my customer management, now hours of work are useless.

matrixify is way to complicated for my job 😞

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Hi, Huy!

If you are open for an app suggestion, then you can import custom Metafields using the Excelify app - just use the same Shopify CSV file, and add the Metafields columns to it with the column names like "Metafield: <namespace>.<name>".

For example: "Metafield: custom.length".

More about importing Metafields, here:

If you need any help with that, contact us here:


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Hi! Wondering if there is a recent update for this with the 2.0 themes?

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Any updates on this?  Surely after all this time, we can now do this. 

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Does it work?

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Still no update. Only way to import metafields with a csv is through an app.


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I'm not sure, but you can try Skyvia as an alternative solution. It is a no-code cloud ETL tool.

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Is this natively supported yet? If not, I believe it can be done with this app as well , FYI -


Of course I would prefer to do it for free, so would still like to know if this is natively supported. Thanks!

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I will add to this...problem is not just defining meta field. Problem is populating values in meta fields as well...Opensource platform like Woocommerce shines on this kind of front. Full customisation upto data table level is possible. Let us see , how shopify manages this. Shopify is more of creating avenue for generating revenue for Business partner. Earlier, there was shopify review app - free. Now you have to purchase. Now there are metafields...!

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It's still in early access, but soon we'll have the option to add metafields directly to the product's csv.

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