How to insert a video into a metaobject??

How to insert a video into a metaobject??

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Hello Experts!


With very little knowledge about what I was doing, I was able to create a custom page which is technically a metaobject (I think) because my theme didn't allow any easy way to heavily customize existing pages beyond the homepage. 


You can see the page I created here:


I'm pretty happy with the way it came out, but I still don't have all the functionality I'd like to have. 


I would like to be able to add video as a section in this metaobject and insert it anywhere, anytime on that page. Is it possible to have "video" show up in the "add section" area of the editor? Or is there an easy way to add video to this? 

Thank you!!


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Hi Brett, 


Have you found a workaround for inserting a video into the metaobject?


If you consider using an app, you can check out Easy Content Builder. It lets you insert rich media (video, images, icons, or text) into metaobjects and display them as a section within your theme editor. As a side note, for the video stored in the metaobject, you need to upload that video to your store first.


Here's an example of the video on a metaobject-generated page (created by the ECB app): ecb-recipe-video.png


*Disclaimer: I'm from the team behind the Easy Content Builder app.


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