How to make a multi column drop down menu in Parallax Theme.

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Hi everyone,


Having some trouble making a multi-column drop down menu in Parallax. Im under the impression it is possible to do it without an app or editing code since a colleague of mine has it implemented on his site. I have 20 categories that drop down from the menu and they all go in one column, which results in half of them not being visible.


There is the "Number of drop-down links in first column" slider that I thought would be responsible for this, but even when I put it to the lowest value (5) it does nothing. However my colleague, whenever he changes it - it actually adjusts the number of categories in the first column.

What am I doing wrong? Any guidance would be appreciated. I would prefer to do it without adding apps.

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Surely possible, but it would require a fair degree of Liquid/CSS/Javascript knowledge to implement such feature. I'm afraid that unfortunately there is no simple copy-paste/guiding solution.

In case you're unfamiliar with these technologies you'll likely want to hire a Shopify developer to assist you. 

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Having the same issue... that part of the UI just doesn't do anything. What a drop down let down. 

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I'm having the same exact issue with the theme... any help???