How to make Featured Product image clickable with link to product description

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Hi Guys i have a question for all of you, hope you can help me, How do you make a Featured Product image clickable with link to product description?


Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks.

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In order to link to a product page from the product image you need to add {{ product.url }} as a href inside the <img> tag of the product image. 


Now, to have the user land on the description part of the page you need to assign an id to the divider that holds the description. Every theme is different but it would be something like this: 



<img class="product-image" alt="{{ image.alt }}" href="{{ product.url | append: "/#description" }}"> 


This will land you on the product's description part of the page, if you have added an id="description" on the container that holds the description. 

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Is there any way to turn an 'image with text overlay' into a clickable image that directs them to a collection? I want my customers to be able to click anywhere on the image rather than just the button

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i need this info too, still waiting