How to manage inventory by fabric length instead of individual pieces?

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I am reaching out to discuss a specific inventory management need for our online store. We are currently using Shopify for our retail operations and have encountered a challenge related to fabric length options.


Current Setup:

  • Products have variants based on colour and length (e.g., 4.5 meters, 5 meters).
  • Inventory is managed per variant, representing the number of individual pieces available.

Desired Setup:

  • We want to manage inventory based on the total length of fabric per color rather than on the number of individual pieces.
  • For example, if we have 100 meters of fabric in the Navy Color:
    • If a customer purchases 5 meters, the inventory should reflect a deduction of 5 meters from the total available in the Navy.
    • If another customer purchases 10 meters, the inventory should deduct 10 meters from the remaining quantity.

Requested Functionality:

  • Allow the inventory to be tracked in meters or any specified unit based on total length per colour variant.
  • Ensure that when a customer selects a specific length, the system deducts that length from the total available for the chosen colour.
  • The ability to accurately display available lengths for each colour variant on the storefront.


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Hey Shaheer,


My friend and I would like to understand a bit more about your problem. Have you found any extensions that would help you with your requirement and if yes where is it that they fall short?

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Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I Haven't found any plugging or way
out. Looking forward to the support.

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Hi @ShaheerSohail,

Easify Product Options app is the perfect solution to address your specific needs. This tool empowers you to effortlessly manage custom product options, streamlining the process for your customers. The key feature allows them to first choose the Color, followed by specifying their desired Length 🤗

For a smoother understanding, I've outlined a step-by-step demonstration along with a comprehensive guide to set up the system:







App Settings:

Prepare your product:

  • Create a main Fabric product visible on your storefront, no options and price.
  • Create another Fabric product exclusively for inventory tracking, kept hidden on the storefront. This should include Color variants (e.g., Navy and Red), each specifying the available meter quantity of fabric in that color, along with individual quantity and price details.

Install the app and create an option set:

  • Begin by adding the 1st option, allowing customers to choose the fabric's Color. This can be presented through either Image or Color Swatches option types.



  • Add the 2nd option, enabling customers to input their desired length if they've selected "Navy" as the color. Utilize the Quantity option type for this purpose. It's essential to link the Navy variants from the hidden Fabric product to this custom option to accurately track the quantity. Additionally, activate "Conditional Logic" to display this Quantity option only when "Navy" is selected.







  • Similarly, incorporate the Quantity option type for customers choosing the "Red" color beforehand.




  • Complete the process by adding all configured options to the main Fabric product.



The initial setup may seem intricate, but rest assured, if you require any assistance, our dedicated Easify team is readily available via the in-app live chat 🙌.

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