How to migrate gift certificates from Bigcommerce to Shopify?

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We are looking to migrate from Bigcommerce to Shopify.  


I have looked at Cart2Cart and Matrixify for migrating our data.  We need the following migrated

  • Orders
  • Customers (inc store credit)
  • Coupons
  • Gift certificates

I have already moved the products over and will set up 301 redirects from BC to Shopify when the time comes.


Cart2Cart said they can't migrate gift certificates unless we are on Shopify Plus, and we won't be on that plan.  How have those of you who have migrated navigated this?  I can't export them from Bigcommerce.

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Hi @DeeLT ! 


Matrixify is directly able to migrate Products from BigCommerce and we also offer great tutorials on how this can be done. Migrating Customers, Orders and Discounts would be a little more tricky as Matrixify does not offer a direct way to do this, however, it is still possible. The idea would be to find a way to Export the data from BigCommerce and then map it to the Matrixify template for Import. 


In regard to Gift Cards. Matrixify does not support the direct migration of Gift Cards from BigCommerce to Shopify. However, you can use a workaround by creating new Gift Cards in Shopify based on the data from BigCommerce. You would need to export your Gift Cards data from BigCommerce, prepare a CSV or Excel file following the Matrixify Orders template, and then import this file into Shopify using Matrixify. This process will create new Gift Cards in Shopify and send them to the customers automatically. Please note that the existing Gift Card codes cannot be migrated, so these will be new gift cards with new codes. 


For more information, you can reach out to our support, we would be more than happy to help with any questions you may have -

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Thanks for your reply.


Part of the problem is there is no way to export gift card info from bigcommerce, like I can export products and customers etc. As I mentioned, products are already in the new Shopify store so I don't need those to be migrated.


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Hey @DeeLT, have you figured this out? I have a gift card app called iziGift. I may be able to build this out for you.

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Try LitExtension, I am not too familiar with your issue but I can suggest you that they do have a customization service that can move any sort of data from BigCommerce. Try to contact them, they might know the way. I suppose.