How to migrate GTM variables to custom pixels?

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We are migrating to creating Custom Pixels rather than some custom tags/trackers that we currently write with GTM, because checkout.liquid is soon going away.

I've read the documentation and understand the basics of how to migrate a GTM pixel to Shopify Custom Pixel.

However, I'm looking for some advice on how to replace the use of GTM variables that we populate as the customer navigates our website.

For example, the '{{variable}}' tokens in the Custom HTML tags.


I know i can access the Custom Pixel *event* properties, but some of this data is custom info pushed to GTM by earlier pages.
How do I get the data tucked in GTM?
Can I call to GTM from a separate Custom Pixel?
Do I need to tuck data into the datalayer and ensure it follows from page to page?
Is there a simple solution I'm missing?



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Bumping this! Can someone from Shopify please confirm if it is necessary to migrate all GTM pixels to Shopify customer events?I'm seeing GTM tag code injected into the customer events iFrame that connects to our GTM container, but some pixels are fail due to CORS ( and other ) issues.