How To: Obtain currency conversion rate through liquid?

How To: Obtain currency conversion rate through liquid?

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We are working on a feature where we want to add support for multi-currency so customers can pay through their local currency.


To achieve the functionality, we have a requirement to retrieve currency conversion rate within liquid. We did a lot of R&D and tried possible solutions, however, couldn't succeed.

We found that the rate can be obtained through a piece of JS code: window.Shopify.currency.rate, but this works on the storefront. If we use this way, it will add huge complexity to our code and execution.


How can we obtain currency conversion rate through liquid?

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I also need to get the currency rate with liquid. @Shopify please respond.

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Did you find a solution for this? Has anything changed?
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Hi Rose,

You can update the daily currency rate in metafields via say a script. Then, use Liquid to show these rates and calculate prices.

For instance, the liquid code could look like:

{% assign conversion_rate = | default: 1.38 %}

{% assign product_price_gbp = product.price | times: conversion_rate %}
{{ product_price_gbp | money_with_currency }}


Let me know if you need any help!

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Where can I find currency rate?