How to prevent spam mails from Shopify merchants

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My email has been mass signed up to mailing lists operated by Shopify merchants by some nefarious actor.  There's no way I can spend the next few years unsubscribing and I'm sick of the attempt so far. 


There seems to be no way to contact Shopify technical support.


I want my email address mass removed from all Shopify merchant mailing lists that use it: currently they all have my email address without my permission and every email I receive from them is spam.  Unsubscribing from each mail seems to work but there is a never-ending stream of them.


How do I go about this?  I've even had to create an account just to try and get some help!  Other mailing list operators responded quickly to my request and mails ceased pretty much immediately.  Shopify is making this impossible to do.



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