How to promt existing app users to update app for new scope permissions

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Hi, I have an app which has some existing users. I am going to update some new scopes in the app. So, in that case will the existing users have to uninstall and reinstall the app for new scopes? Is it possible to promt the existing users to update app from shopify app? 

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Hey @nayeem_azad!


Your existing users do not need to uninstall and reinstall if you change your app's permission scope(s). You'll just need to make sure to redirect users to the app authorization link and request authorization of new permissions. See docs here: 

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I don't know if this used to be correct but as of now, you have to re-push some info to shopify.

From Shopify's app

"If you change your app's scopes and notice that authentication goes into a loop and fails with a message from Shopify that it tried too many times, you might have forgotten to update your scopes with Shopify.

To do that, you can run the `config push` CLI command."


You have to run: npm run shopify app config push

Just running 'shopify app config push' won't work which is pretty lame.  Shopify - fix up your cli tool.


However, even after I do this, the scopes for my app do not update in shopify.  I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and there was no change.  Any help would be appreciated.