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I have a build your own box section on my website which is filled with gift items, but I don't want people to be able to find the gift item pages through google searching, I want them to be redirected to the build your own gift box on the website so they cannot purchase single gift items instead they have to build a box. 


How do I go about this as I want to redirect people away from the gift item urls and direct them to the build your own gift box page instead if they end up finding one of the gift item urls through google.


Thank you for any information!

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Redirecting visitors from the individual product detail pages isn't the way to go as you can't redirect URLs that actually exist on the store.


What you can do, however, is create a metafield (using a metafield app) with the following attributes:


  • Namespace: seo
  • Key: hidden
  • Value: 1 (integer/number)

Any product with that metafield will not come up in the in-store search and it will have a robots noindex tag so it doesn't get picked up by Google.


The product URL of hidden products will still be accessible directly, e. g. through a direct link or entering it in the browser's URL bar.

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