How to Reload Cart Weight Total automatically when an item is removed from the cart?

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I am looking to get the total weight to auto update everytime there is a quantity change in the cart or an item is removed from the cart. Here is the code that I added into main-cart-footer.liquid to add in Total Weight on Cart Page.



<input type="name" name="attributes[total_weight]" form="cart" value="{{cart.total_weight | weight_with_unit}}">


Everything shows up perfect, however when a quantity is updated in the cart, the page will auto refresh to update the Total Price. But it does not auto update the Total Weight that I added in, I have to refresh the page manually for the weight to change. I also tried adding this line of code to "cart.js" below updateRegions






What is the solution to fix this, and allow auto update of Total Weight in Cart every time a quantity is changed?

If someone could help that would be great!

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Thank you!





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