How to remove a tag from collection page filter?

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Hi there,

I'm using theme Prestige and I have the filter available on my collection pages.

The problem is some tags which are used by the "Wholesaler" app are showing and I would like to hide them visually. As they don't mean anything to the customer.

How to do that please? I have tried to use bits of code I found on other themes tutorials and put it on the collection-template.liquid section but it didn't work.

Thanks for your help!

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This is an accepted solution.

Ok so I managed to solve that on my own, for those having the same issue on Prestige theme here is the answer:

Click on 'Online Store' in your Shopify Admin section. Then on the Prestige theme click on 'Actions' and then 'Edit code'. Once the code editor comes up click on 'Sections' and open 'collection-template.liquid'.

Now scroll down until you see the following code (beginning roughly around line 280, depending on what edits have been made in that file):

 {%- for tag in collection.all_tags -%}
                {%- assign tag_parts = tag | split: '_' -%}

                {%- if tag_parts.size < 2 or tag contains '__' -%}
                  {%- continue -%}
                {%- endif -%}

                {%- assign groups = groups | append: tag_parts.first | append: ',' -%}
              {% endfor %}

You will want to paste this following block of code just after the first line {%- for tag in collection.all_tags -%}:

{%- assign tag_start = tag | slice: 0 -%}
{% if tag_start == "_" or tag contains "YOUR-TAG-TO-BE-REMOVED" %}
 {% continue %}
{% endif %}

 Dont forget to edit the "YOUR-TAG-TO-BE-REMOVED" with the tag you want to hide.